Saturday, January 14, 2012

Makena Dreamin'

We just recently returned from our wonderful vacation.
We spent two sun soaked weeks at our favorite beach in the
world ....( we have limited experience in the world of
beaches), but we love spending time here with our friends.

Here we are, my dear husband of almost 37 years, and I.
We sat basking in the warm sunshine, we ate, we swam,
we tasted some of the tropical island delicacies,
 we felt the sand between our toes,
we had a snack.

We took walks down the beach,
 we ate, we looked for shells, we ate, we felt
the warm trade winds, we ate, and of course we enjoyed 
the absolutely beautiful sunsets.....

Did I mention the wonderful food?

I was inspired to paint this lovely painting from the
 photo at the top of this post.

"Makena Dreamin' "
This lovely beach is located on Maui. 
 It is called Makena Beach (Big Beach). If you enter the
beach from the second entrance and turn right
 you will see this beautiful Kiawe tree,
watch out for the needles though,

 no bare feet until you get past this tree...
Then you will encounter the softest golden sand ever...
and behold the beautiful aqua shore breakers...

I have printed this painting onto beautiful, heavy,
 feather-edged cardstock. This is a set of 5,
but I do sell them as individual cards as well.
 Each card comes with a matching
feather edged envelope and is blank inside...

You can find these cards at my ETSY shop.

Turtle not included :-)


  1. Very pretty, Kathi!! We're going back to Maui in Sept. I will look for that tree!

    I just posted a 'thank you' to you for the beautiful cards that I won in your giveaway.
    Here is the link:


    I really enjoyed writing my thank you notes on your lovely cards!
    Thank you again,

    1. Thanks so much, Rett, I'm so glad it worked out with the cards for you and you like them..Kathi

  2. The painting is very beautiful! I hope to visit Hawaii one day too.

  3. Wow sounds like a wonderful Hawaiian vacation !

  4. First time here. I am in Oregon. 18 grandchildren. What a lot of fun. I just got my first grandchild (girl) a few months ago. I love being a grandmother. Nice blog. I hope to have that many or more since I do have more kids to begin with. ;)

  5. I love Maui! Your photo's are so beautiful and the painting even moreso! We just got back from Costa Rica which are also amongst some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Thanks so much for sharing this at my VIP party!