Saturday, February 4, 2012

Any Occasion

I have created an assortment of custom cards for Paula:

She asked me to make her ten different cards. She didn't
want her name on them. She didn't have any preference
of colors or themes. She just asked me to make
them all different from each other.

These are a few of the ones I made:

Each one is special and unique in its own way.

Each comes with a matching envelope.

Each is blank inside so that they can
be used for any occasion.

These cards are all
one of a kind, hand-crafted cards.

I use designer scrapbooking papers
and embellishments, and oh, yes,
ultra fine crystal glitter...

Anyone would love to recieve one  of
these special cards. 

Cards also make great gifts. They can also be
gift wrapped at no extra charge.

Now these cards were made just for Paula,
but I would love to make a set of cards for you.

In this world of e-mails and texts, there
is still room for cards with a personal touch.

My cards usually come in sets of five, but because
they are handcrafted just for you, I am very
flexible as to how many you need.

Custom cards can be found at
my ETSY shop.