Thursday, May 9, 2013


The Anchor of My Soul

Pinnacle of rock, touching the clouds,
Standing strong and proud,
Like, on rocky, storm shoal,
The Anchor of my soul.
To those who wander giving light,
Savior in the night;
He is the way, the truth, the light,
Keeping me from evil, in His hand,
Anchoring my soul to firm land:
Standing strong and proud, 
the Anchor of my soul; 
Savior in the night.
  by Erin Hope

This lovely poem was written by my granddaughter, Erin.
She is 16, loves photography and writing poetry and
short stories.

There is something about a lighthouse,
 established to guide ships away from the rocks,
 marking the deep water
entrance to a safe harbor, assuring those
who wait for returning sojourners, and
providing light in the darkness.

The card is a reproduction of my original
 watercolor painting.
I have printed it onto this deckled edged,
heavy cardstock card and it is available in my
ETSY store.